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The Meat Joy — Metal Headcases

or Sweet Sweet Stew?

Contact us: yerpals@themeatjoy.com.

They said it, not us.

"The Meat Joy are visionaries, in the same way that Patti Smith is the poet laureate of rock & roll and Bettie Page was the queen of raunchy beauty. A female-fronted art-punk foursome from D.C., they break through the ever-dissolving boundaries between women and music and women in music to add some extra fuel to the fire."

We would like to point out that as much as Heather thinks she's the center of all things, she's only 25% of TMJ.

Onstage at Metro

"The Man don't represent me, and he sure the hell don't respect me."
— Mars (The Bringer of War)


rock on!
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