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SISters & brothersss! the time is UPON us... a time of great SHAKING & twisting & POUNDING, ah say POUNDING, in our heads! let she who is without rhythm & fire step forward, & be BLESSED in the light! shine it on! shine on! the light of rock & ROLL rejects NO ONE!

i know it won't always be summer. i don't care. it's summer now & in honor of the occasion i like to stretch the muscles that make me a good guest even during the week. your ability to walk around makes you a charming companion. we're perfectly suited, let's elope. you think it would be nice to take in a show. i don't disagree. i'm well aware that oranges don't dream of fruitbowls, it's what makes them different from us.

you never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough.

from me to you, baby.

Baby sister, I was born game and I intend to go out that way.

i laughed & laughed & laughed the first time i fell in love. it felt like i was making up for a lifetime of crappy sitcom moments, testimonies to punctured spirits & half-hearted attempts to go over the wall. if all this rubble was put together it woulda made a new bible, like a holiday in florida. at night i contemplate this over coffee, asprin, peaches, & sometimes whiskey. we're no great shakes. but if you print this out & burn it, & keep the ashes in a locket by yer heart, i guarantee that i will always love you. not in a whitney houston kinda way. in a dolly parton kinda way.

The Man don't represent me and sure the hell don't respect me

NO! disco is not dead! (it's just in the bathroom gleaning coke off the floor with a spit-wet finger & jive-talkin' with its reflection in the mirror.)

as dr. allen walked to the window in the living room & saw children of all ages in the playground nearby, he commented on why they all need meat.

everybody needs meat.

(by the way, you knew that half the meat joy are vegasquarians, didn't you? of course you did.)

the meat joy loves you yes you!


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