Let's Daisychain!


The Meat Joy passes the dutchie on the left hand side.

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TMJ inspires poetry.
[Note to self: Check the van for exhaust leaks into the back seat.]

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Harris and Heather pose for American Gothic 2001. Er, the painting, not like, you know, Goth yo.

Heather & Lindsey from the Kowalskis

Stacey & Keith from the Overpriviledged.
"And while you're out having the time ... OF YOUR LIFE!"

hangin' in chicago!
Laura from Evil Beaver, Stacey, and cece, our first singer.

Future of Music
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Future of Music
Carolee Schneeman
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Here Todd is The Meat Joy's best friend, Bob Crain.

Here is Todd with The Big Takeover's Jack Rabid.

Jack & Todd

todd and throwing muses

Here Todd is with Throwing Muses.

Stacey and Marnie of Die Cheerleeder Die.

h & jake starr
Jake Starr knows he's bad!

The Meat Joy was proud to participate in Day Without Art. It was started about 10 years ago as a response to the AIDS crisis and in memory of the many artists/writers/performers we'd lost. On December 1, art spaces across the country closed their doors and staff devoted the day to activism or reflection. These days, a lot of websites take down their front page for the day and replace it with a DWA banner and links to HIV resources or activism centers. Power to the people!

Power to the people!
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