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okay team, you gotta help us out. vote for yr choice for the very *most* story of bad behavior. a vodka drink (the meanest alcohol in the world, the devilís aperitif) is riding on it. Vote! View Results
Youíve driven 5 and a half hours to a gig that you didnít want to play anyway because your bandmates are seriously harshing your mellow. The club now features other, non-musical adult entertainment during the day & the owner has no record of your booking. He says you can still play, provided you take a cut of the door instead of the guarantee you were promised. [Vote!] [View Results]
Say you get to an argument at the Metro about affirmative action, inequality, and the black middle class with a straight, non-flamey white guy coming on like the savior of the oppressed masses. He says upper-middle-class blacks (namely you and your family) are just being fooled into thinking they are equal and they are still being kept down by The Man. [Vote!] [View Results]