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Hi! We hope we have what you're looking for! In a material sense. Not like as in "Big Picture" stuff or anything. Although if you find that with us too,
Right On!
But this page is just for things you can buy.

Sophomore Full-Length CD
$ 10.00

The Meat Joy ended 2001 with a bang, releasing "Between the Devil and the Deep" in January 2002 on New York label All Night Riot Records. Recorded with Steve Albini and Robert Poss.

On All Night Riot Records, also available through CD Baby.

7" Split with Mensen
$ 4.00

Yer pals The Meat Joy serve up a deliriously poppy gem called "Catch(fire!)." Think Blondie meets X-Ray Spex meets X! Mensen, from Oslo, Norway, follow up their singles on Hit Me! Records (Norway) and Bang! Records (Spain) with an exclusive song called "Mean Christine." Think the Avengers meets The Runaways!
Sold Out!

On Fandango Records.

Debut CD
$ 5.00 or free with any other purchase!

This self-titled debut makes a lot of noise. Urgency and attitude are among the disc's principal assets. It's music to have a shouted conversation by while waiting for a 50-cent draft. Raw, but mesmerizing with its simplicity. Basic 4/4 meets 3 chord punk before a lot of bands started to play fast. Rawk out with The Meat Joy!!

On Death Rebel Music.

Candy Shirt
$ 10.00

Get The Meat Joy's first shirt! Comes in S, M, L, XL. Basic white, short-sleeved tee.


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